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About Our Knives

Tooth and Nail Damascus Knives: Quality Hand Made Knives

Guaranteed Quality:

Based out of Portland, Oregon, Tooth & Nail Knives began selling these knives in large quantities directly to the public in October 2013. We offer a hassle free refund/replacement guarantee on every knife. 
Every knife is a unique, handcrafted piece. Of course, machine work is involved in pounding, forging and filing, as you would expect. This Damascus steel is not factory stamped from identical molds. Even similar blade shapes vary, as they are hand-shaped.

Handle materials: sheep’s horn, ram’s horn, East Indian stag horn, water buffalo horn, camel bone, or Micarta™! (Micarta is the “Kevlar®” of knife handles.)

We use many woods: walnut, dark walnut, olive, oak, red palm, African Bokote, black wood, African ebony, lacewood, leopard wood, and peach padauk.
Almost all sheaths are double-stitched genuine leather with an edge-protective insert. Every knife except chef knives includes a sheath at no extra cost.  (No, you cannot pay more for our normal sheaths!)

Special Features:

In some cases, we can provide a custom fit Kydex® sheath.This is a handmade, form-molded sheath, customized to your specific blade. It LOCKS the knife into position until you release it with a patented thumb-push system. This custom sheath comes wrapped in para-cord, a thumb size flash light,a fire starter, quick release, etc. (Custom Kydex sheaths do cost extra.)
We offer fixed blades in all shapes and sizes and folding blades in two sizes and dozens of blade shapes. There are camping, hunting, bushcraft and survival knives. There are lines of combat knives, chef knives, utility knives, and the occasional set of steak knives. Skinners, gut hook knives, neck knives and boot knives are available. We carry a few fantasy blades, daggers (where local law permits) and specialty knives. Damascus blade patterns include Firestorm, Mosaic, Random, Alien, Raindrop, Snake Skin and Tiger Stripe.
As always – if you want a knife and see it on the web or at the table – you should get it NOW – we can’t get another one exactly like it!
YES, you can actually USE your knife in the field.  Using it does not make it less pretty.  It just makes you smile!  These knives are BUILT FOR USE.

Some disclaimers:

These are KNIVES. They are sharp. Avoid cutting yourself or others. We are not responsible for what you do with the knife when it is in your hands or after you purchase it. Please respect that these are knives—and they are SHARP!
NONE of our knives are spring assisted, nor can we get them spring-loaded.
We cannot get your two completely identical knives because ours are handcrafted and subject to exotic material availability. Even if we try to order identical units, artisans always put their own twist on each one. Ours are handcrafted Damascus steel, heirloom knives—at affordable prices with generational guarantees.