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Welcome to Tooth & Nail Knives!

What are we all about?

    At Tooth and Nail Knives we take pride in offering an extensive line of Exclusively Damascus handmade knives at affordable prices. We only deal in genuine damascus steel as well as an exclusive line of VG-10 kitchen knives. We only deal in not just life time but what we like to call generational quality, heirloom pieces that can be handed down for generations—at affordable prices. After finishing, handle work and final assembly are completed, then shipped from England. We are the single wholesale distributor for the Exclusively Damascus line.

Our Warranty

We back each one of our knives with a Generational Guarantee. If you pass your beloved Damascus down to loved ones our guarantee goes with it!

"How do you get those cool patterns?!"

We absolutely love this question! The pattern that you see is actually the metal itself. We layer two different types of medal hand crafted with German steel (Japanese VG10 for of our newest kitchen knives) and are typically 1095HC steel layered and folded with 15N20 nickel. Go check out how this is done!

The Truth About Damascus

The original recipe for this beautiful and wickedly sharp technique is long lost to history. No one can tell exactly how they did this in the 16th century. What we have today has also been referred to as woots steel. The term Damascus steel has been used for over 150 years to refer to this type of steel.  


So I have yet to get my hands on my blade of choice do to my own hesitation ... but these guys are great ... putting forth loads of effort to provide me with what Im looking for ... customer relations at its best ... thanks guys looking forward to the "Tracker"


Great knives love my Damascus steel tiger stripe pattern!


Proud owner of an amazing knife! Quality craftsmanship and attention to detail!